Todd Snyder, GQ's Best New Menswear Designer 2012
New York City Insider

Todd Snyder became one of GQ’s Best New Menswear Designers of 2012 because of his Ralph Lauren and J.Crew influenced collection, and the fact that he spent a lot of his time in the past sewing together his own shirts while simultaneously watching football. That seems to be the ideal GQ guy right there.

While we’re all twiddling our thumbs, waiting to see what Snyder will design for the GAP along with the other Best New Menswear Designer winners, here’s a baseball card-style cheat sheet for you to get to know this upcoming menswear designer.

Collection Founded in: 2011
Based Out of: New York, NY

Todd Snyder, GQ's Best New Menswear Designers 2012
@ToddSnyderNYC, Twitter

About Todd Snyder: Todd Snyder taught himself to sew at a young age and began his work in the menswear industry as a tailor’s assistant at the Iowa men’s store Badower’s.

Then in 1993, he decided to pick up his life and move to the Big Apple, where he got a job (an unpaid job) working for Ralph Lauren. According to MRketplace, Snyder couldn’t afford to buy himself designer shirts, so he’d make his own. This was quickly noticed by Lauren and eventually led to a paid gig with the brand.

He found his next job with J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler. Not only did Snyder help revive the menswear line by launching its heritage collections, but he also helped start the Liquor Store in Tribecca.

Todd Snyder, GQ's Best New Menswear Designers 2012
@ToddSnyderNYC, Twitter

About Todd Snyder’s Collection: After leaving J.Crew in 2008, Todd Snyder began work on his own collection, which is influenced by his previous work with J.Crew and Ralph Lauren. Though his clothes are centered around American sportswear, Japanese and Italian styles also have their roles in his work. In addition, Snyder’s denim is made in Japan, cashmere knits in Italy and the majority of his tailoring in the U.S.

During a discussion with GiltManuel, Snyder remembers “going to Savile Row and Jermyn Street and seeing that old world tailoring and thinking to my self, ‘how can we make this young and cool?’ And that’s the thing about New York, it can bring it all together; it’s British inspired tailoring mixed with American vintage.”

Twitter: @ToddSnyderNYC
Facebook: ToddSnyderNYC

Where to Buy Todd Snyder: Bergdorf Goodman, Park and Bond (coming soon)
Shop Todd Snyder at: Odin, 328 E. 11th, New York, NY 10003

Read More About Todd Snyder:


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