The Splurge — Varsity Jacket from Bottega Veneta

Varsity Jacket Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta via Mr. Porter

In case you haven’t noticed, the varsity jacket — you know, that one article of clothing all those footballer, basketballer and baseballer jocks wore in high school — have made a comeback. Now even the most suave S.O.B.s of NYC can be seen sporting these badboys down the cobblestoned streets of SoHo. But if you’re looking to join in the trend without reliving your high school days, there are a ton of new options to try, like Bottega Veneta’s new one with hook fastenings.

Click ahead to find out where you can purchase this jacket.

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Thom Browne Blazer…From Target?!

Thom Browne for Target
The Style Gent (@TheStyleGent), Twitter

Target has had some amazing partnerships in the past — just last year, people went ballistic for the low-priced Missoni pieces — but this time around, it’s all about Neiman Marcus!

Just in time for holiday shopping sprees, Target has partnered with the retail giant for the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection, featuring items from more than 50 big-name designers at a discounted price. That means this Thom Browne blazer, which would retail for hundreds of dollars under average circumstances, is now available for…

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George Frost Victory Ring: Wear World War II on Your Finger

George Frost Ring
George Frost

The Pop Up Flea, a collaboration between Urban Daddy Editorial Director Randy Goldberg and A Continuous Lean kick-starter Michael Williams, brought together an eclectic mix of brands and coveted men’s style products under one roof this weekend in NYC. Aside from more known names like Filson, Billykirk and Unionmade, a new-ish jewelry line for men was showcased — George Frost — and part of said line is the jackpot of men’s rings known as the Victory Ring.

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Artifact Bag’s Lunch Tote — A Lunch Bag for the Fashion Savvy

Lunch Tote by Artifact Bag Co.
Artifact Bag Co.

Those old days of paper baggin’ your lunch are over — it’s all about the waxed canvas!

Artifact Bag Co., a Nebraskan-based company run by Chris Hughes that makes all its products from the “finest American-sourced waxed canvas and leather,” made this high-end lunch bag.

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Steal Ryan Gosling’s Swag and His ‘Drive’ Jacket

Ryan Gosling 'Drive' Jacket
FilmDistrict/Steady Clothing

We all want to look like Ryan Gosling — how else do you explain those slicked-back, circa 1960 hair cuts walking up and down the streets of New York City? Ever since the ‘Drive’ star burst into a dinner in Cannes in 2011 wearing those awesome two-tone shoes and a suit fitted to perfection, all those men who read GQ religiously (including myself) have been trying to replicate his style.

Well, all of us may not know how to yet, but we can at least look as bad ass as he was in ‘Drive.’

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Mark McNairy’s Spring/Summer 2012 Saddle Shoes – Nick’s Picks

Mark McNairy Spring/Summer Saddle Shoes
Mark McNairy, Rooney

Mark McNairy caught the eye of GQ and became one of this year’s Best New Menswear Designers because of his uncanny ability to take old-world menswear classics and infuse some newfound energy into them. This often means creating men’s wingtips, oxfords and the like with bold-colored soles, like the new saddle shoes from his New Amsterdam spring/summer 2012 collection.

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Jack Spade’s Postcard Wallets Will Make You Want to Travel

Jack Spade postcard wallets
Jack Spade

Jack Spade wants you all to take vacations this season, and the brand has secretly (well, actually not so secretly) already suggested locations for you to go with its new postcard wallets. Cape Cod, Scottsdale and Fort Leonard Wood are all fantastic destinations for you to prop your feet up on a lawn chair and bask in the sun. Coincidentally, they also all make for cool men’s accessories.

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Chris Brown’s Latest Luxury Purchase Is… a Versace Ashtray

Versace ashtray

As a celebrity, Chris Brown knows all too well the power of retail therapy, and since his Grammys performance, he definitely needed it. To recover from all the Tweets reminding everyone of his violent past, the ‘Turn Up the Music’ singer decided to “treat himself” (Parks and Recreation style) by buying a Versace ashtray.

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Jack Spade vs. Filson — Which Bag Are You More a Fan Of?

Jack Spade vs. Filson
Photos: JackSpadeNY/Filson, Facebook

We know, we know — Jack Spade and Filson are two completely different companies, which means it’s next to impossible to say one is better than the other. However, both have become staples of the stylish man. Both have been featured in men’s style magazines and blogs, and it seems every guy and his dad (and his grandpa) have either a Jack Spade dipped tote, a filson briefcase… or both.

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Where Have I Seen This J. Crew Sweater Before? Oh, That’s Right…

J. Crew fair isle sweater, Junya Watanabe blazer
Photos: J. Crew / Yannis Vlamos

You can view the new men’s fair isle sweater from J. Crew in one of two ways — either it’s ethically reprehensible for a mainstream company to so blatantly rip off a runway item, or it’s admirable that J. Crew made something so high-fashion and expensive accessible to the public.

Either way, it’s a pretty awesome sweater.

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