Jack Spade Spring 2013 Lookbook: Finding the “Extraordinary in the Ostensibly Ordinary”

Jack Spade Spring 2013 Ads
Jack Spade

So I’m definitely a little late on this (exactly nine days late) but I figured there are at least some people online not scouring the farthest corners of the Internet for the latest in Jack Spade news.

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Calvin Klein Spring 2013: The Bold and the Beautiful (i.e. Shirtless Models)

Are you already poised to stock your closet with the latest wave of menswear from Calvin Klein? Well, it’s not exactly here just yet, but the brand recently presented its latest collection for spring 2013 to a New York audience, and you can take a peek at what was shown right here.

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Debating What to Wear for the Holidays? Try GANT Rugger’s Holiday Collection [LOOKBOOK]

GANT Rugger holiday collection
All photos courtesy of GANT Rugger

With Thanksgiving next week and the Christmas season starting immediately afterwards, gents everywhere are wondering what they’ll be wearing at the dinner table. Don’t lie. You all know you are.

Fortunately, if you have the money, GANT Rugger has got you covered with its holiday collection — and they’ve even brought in some well-known fashion-blogging faces to help with the styling.

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Versace Designs for H&M Revealed

Versace, H&M collaboration
Photo: H&M

H&M is known for its collaborations with big names like Karl Laggerfeld and Stella McCartney, and now the brand has unveiled two looks from its newest project with high-fashion label Versace.

The “Madonna of fashion,” as some have called Donatella, was against the collaboration at first. “The reason I didn’t do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section,” she told a crowd at The New York Times’ TimesTalk series. “I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand.”

So what changed her mind?

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H&M, Uniqlo, TopMan — Who Will Win Out For Fall 2011?

H&M, Uniqlo and TopMan have always waged a silent war against each other with SoHo being the primary battle ground. All located on Broadway, these stores offer fashionable clothing in addition to style basics at an affordable price. Although the three names exude three different styles of menswear, they are all vying for the top spot in terms of sales.

Which of the three are you most likely to buy this fall and winter? Check out the pics and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom of the page.

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GANT Rugger Pre-Fall Looks: Incorporating Fall Wear Into Your Spring Wardrobe

Nearly all men are on a different biological clock than the fashion world. When spring clothes hit the stores, we’re still bundled up in peacoats and wool scarves, and when fall clothes are out (as is the case now) we start to perspire at the very thought of having to wear layers. Worst of all, retailers are selling less and less of what we need at the moment: summer garb.

So what’s a guy to do? Find ways to wear fall stuff without sweating right through them.

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Rugby: Preview the Fall Styles

The Rugby brand has always embodied classic ivy-league prep, but for the anticipated fall season, the look is more Oxford campus than Columbia campus.

Think of a vintage dandy — bow ties with every ensemble, classic umbrellas and herringbone driving caps — dressing for a game of polo followed by a stroll through the streets of London. No matter the occasion, including lounging in sweat shorts, a collared shirt is required.

But if you’re tired of just reading about the fall clothes, be sure to shop the new Rugby looks and stock up before the pieces even hit stores.

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Antonio Azzuolo Defines ‘Dandy’

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the term “dandy” as “a man who gives exaggerated attention to personal appearance.” A synonym for the word, “beau,” also refers to George “Beau” Brummell, “the most celebrated of all dandies,” says American Fashion Menswear, and it’s Brummell who’s commonly credited as the first of his kind. There was a time when men believed they could become dandies by simply wearing suits and tailored garments wherever they went, but that’s far from the truth. Antonio Azzuolo is one of the designers who shows (literally) how to achieve the true essence of what dandies are all about.

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Dress for a Wedding, Lessons from Bonobos

Spring weddings are the best because it finally becomes appropriate for us to wear something other than suits and tuxes, even with the formalist of formal weddings. But at the same time, you still have to dress up! If you need professional advice but can’t afford the professional, check out Bonobos.com and browse through their look books.

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Lookbook — Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Fall 2011

*The Lookbooks worth looking at*

I’m not sure you could get more outdoorsy chic than Woolrich John Rich & Bros. The newest line from these self-proclaimed wilderness enthusiasts follows along the lines of Billy Reid, L. L. Bean, J. Crew…the list goes on. There’s already been so much said on this topic that I’m just gonna let the images speak for themselves.

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