Maxton Men Recession Proofs Accessories for the Average Man [INTERVIEW]

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In today’s world, where economic instability is still affecting workers and recent college graduates are fumbling to start paying off their student loans, the affordable accessories and office supplies from the digital retail store Maxton Men are things every guy can afford.

We’re now seeing a boom in luxury menswear all over the world despite financial hardships. From high-end mens-only shoe stores and men’s-only malls to Versace for H&M, the mens retail industry has lost a sense of affordability.

Kishan Madamala saw the start of this change and began work on a new retail experience that would hopefully satisfy the budgets of a lot of men. Maxton Men now stands as the place for guys everywhere to grab all their accessories — whether it’s belts, ties, or notebooks and pens — at a reasonable price.

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Martin Greenfield, Tailor for Colin Powell, Rag & Bone and Presidents

Martin Greenfield, 83, owner of Martin Greenfield Clothiers in Brooklyn, is of the mind set that there are no tailors in our society. According to him, it takes a six-year apprenticeship to acquire the proper skills, which most so-called tailors don’t have.

Greenfield, on the other hand, has been a tailor for more than 60 years, and he has passed along his knowledge and made suits for brands like Brooks Brothers and Rag & Bone.

“Everybody isn’t perfect,” he tells The Menswear Journal. “But yet I make them look like they’re all perfect.”

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Tips for Picking the Right Shirt by Ratio Clothing’s Eric Powell

A lot of men have a hard enough time shopping for clothes, but taller, larger, shorter and slimmer men have it even harder. “As much as I love brands, I still can’t fit into anything,” Eric Powell of Ratio Clothing tells The Menswear Journal. At approximately 6′ 4”, he always had problems with purchasing clothes, especially when it came to shirts. “I [sometimes] wanted a smaller neck size to make it fit in the body, but then it would be too tight in the neck.”

This constant frustration motivated him to start his own made-to-measure shirt company called Ratio Clothing, located in Colorado. “I bought custom-shirts in Asia but I wasn’t impressed with the quality,” he says. “I thought there was an opportunity in the market for casual shirts and I didn’t feel like there was a good option.”

Plenty of guys share Eric’s dilemma but most don’t have the knowledge to work these problems out for themselves. In case you’re either wary of custom-made shirting or can’t find the funds, The Menswear Journal chatted with Eric about how different kinds of men can pick the right shirt.

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Navajo-Inspired Menswear Hand-Picked by The Art of Reuse

Navajo for The Art of Reuse's Interim
Nick Romano for The Menswear Journal

Ever been in a thrift store? The racks upon racks of clothes can be overwhelming and a turn off for the unfamiliar shopper who doesn’t know where to begin. “Patience is key,” says Sean Brown, who’s himself a perfect example of this value.

As a co-founder of The Art of Reuse, Sean and his Toronto-based team spent 6-months exploring thrift shops and hand-selecting navajo-inspired pieces to present as part of a one-day shopping endeavor called Interim. “We’re trying to change the thrift shop experience across the board,” Sean told The Menswear Journal. “We try to take you away from the brand name and look at the authenticity of the clothes.”

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Stylist Tips — Lena Piskorowski Talks Detroit Style and Building a Wardrobe

Photo: Courtesy of DRESS

New York style, L. A. style, Miami vibe… Each city has its own unique crop of people with their own distinct styles, and for the most-visited locations, you always hear visitors ask, “How do you dress like a New Yorker? Californian? Floridian?” For the most part, these looks have already been covered, but what about cities like Detroit?

The Menswear Journal reached out to stylist Lena Piskorowski to get her take on what makes men in her city stand out from the rest, and her tips for building a wardrobe.

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Tears of Beaumont’s Jayson Palacio Reveals the Story Behind His Brand

Tears of Beaumont, Jayson Palacio
Courtesy of Jayson Palacio

James Beaumont came home one day after work to find his wife missing. Months go by with no sign of her, causing James to turn to “toxins” to numb the feelings of despair.

This is the story behind Tears of Beaumont‘s first collection. It’s one part writing, one part fashion from the mind of designer Jayson Palacio. Jayson has always been attracted to the creativity behind fashion brands. After studying fashion and working with various names, including Levi Strauss & Company, he started his own brand based in Los Angeles.

The Menswear Journal caught up with this rising talent to find out more about Tears of Beaumont.

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