No longer will we have to wade through the hordes of thousands pouring into SoHo that one night a year in the fall. No longer will we be disappointed by the alcohol-hoarding teens stealing all the booze at shops. Because, thanks to these same teens, Fashion’s Night Out has been cancelled for the coming fall.

I remember during my sophomore year of college, Fashion’s Night Out launched in New York City in response to the recession. The clothes were discounted, the drinks were free and everyone looked utterly fabulous. But lately the event has been bit of a hot mess, especially in SoHo where the crowds were nearly impossible to push past — last year, a motorist was attacked on Broadway.

However, the event wasn’t allegedly cancelled for that reason. According to WWD, retailers and designers found that they’ve had to invest more money to “maintain a high level of quality” and weren’t sure whether staging an event of this magnitude was profitable in the long run. So the CFDA called for a US hiatus so that retails can better focus their funds and figure out new ways to engage with consumers at the beginning of fall fashion week.

But the SoHo Alliance of NYC seems to think they’re responsible for this call, since they’d previously banned together, reached out to numerous organizations and authorities to try and put an end to the madness of FNO. Here’s their triumphant announcement in response to the cancellation below, courtesy of Racked:

For the past several years, the event deteriorated in SoHo as crowds of underage kids showed up to grab the booze that the retailers freely doled out, roamed the streets well past midnight, carousing half-drunk, urinating in our doorways, screaming, trashing and creating general disorder, including the attack on a motorist on Broadway and Bleecker Street last year.

Our calls to Vogue for a meeting to try to work things out were never returned.

Disgusted that Wintour showed such contempt towards our neighborhood, the SoHo Alliance reached out to the community board, the Mayor’s Office, the NYPD, the Sanitation Department and the media for help — and to embarrass the fashionistas.

Our efforts paid off. Read here. Apparently, it would have been too humiliating for Wintour to admit yielding to our pressure and to cancel the event only in New York. So she threw the baby out with the bath water, canceling it nationwide—yet still maintaining the event internationally.

It’s gratifying to have our neighborhood back for ourselves for that night! The squeaky wheel gets the oil.

Keep in mind this is only in the US, because apparently folks overseas are reportedly classier and can keep it together more than we can. (Just kidding… kinda.)


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