Thom Browne for Target
The Style Gent (@TheStyleGent), Twitter

Target has had some amazing partnerships in the past — just last year, people went ballistic for the low-priced Missoni pieces — but this time around, it’s all about Neiman Marcus!

Just in time for holiday shopping sprees, Target has partnered with the retail giant for the Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection, featuring items from more than 50 big-name designers at a discounted price. That means this Thom Browne blazer, which would retail for hundreds of dollars under average circumstances, is now available for…

…$149.99! We first heard about this steal from The Style Gent and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to spread the word. If you’re looking for something well crafted and a bit more high-end but don’t want to break your budget, try this one on for size…seriously.

Thom Browne
TheStyleGent (@TheStyleGent), Twitter


Designer: Thom Browne
Partnership: Neiman Marcus + Target
Available at: Target stores and online
Price: $149.99 (online)



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