George Frost Ring
George Frost

The Pop Up Flea, a collaboration between Urban Daddy Editorial Director Randy Goldberg and A Continuous Lean kick-starter Michael Williams, brought together an eclectic mix of brands and coveted men’s style products under one roof this weekend in NYC. Aside from more known names like Filson, Billykirk and Unionmade, a new-ish jewelry line for men was showcased — George Frost — and part of said line is the jackpot of men’s rings known as the Victory Ring.

A chunky, vintage-inspired piece of metal with the World War II “V for Victory” engraved on the front, it was hand sculpted in white bronze, and brass. When I think about large rings bordering on the semi-obnoxious, I ask myself, “If I were to punch someone wearing this ring, would it leave an imprint on that person’s face?” If the answer is yes, I tend to get them… not that I ever would, you know, punch someone!

George Frost is a unisex jewelry line inspired by the vintage spirit of World War II trinkets. From this Victory Ring, to the similarly styled cuffs, watches and necklaces, the pieces look as if they were passed down to you from you grandfather or something you miraculously stumbled upon in the most remotest of antique shops. Needless to say, you’ll have some trouble finding the same thing in the mainstream shops.

George Frost Victory Rings
George Frost


Name: Victory Ring
Brand: George Frost
Price: $230



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