Are you already poised to stock your closet with the latest wave of menswear from Calvin Klein? Well, it’s not exactly here just yet, but the brand recently presented its latest collection for spring 2013 to a New York audience, and you can take a peek at what was shown right here.

Calvin Klein recently posted on Facebook photos from the brand’s spring 2013 presentation in preparation for the collection’s early 2013 debut in stores. So, what can we expect from the classic retailer when the warm weather rears its head? Tons of shirtless men, if these images are to be taken at face value.

Just kidding… kind of… While color blocking is still making the rounds, Calvin Klein maintained its ability to churn out everyday sportswear essentials for the modern man, but with a sense of luxury that only comes from fine tailoring with pops of denim and bold black-and-white pieces.

So what do you think? Are you pumped to get your hands on some of these pieces? Check out the photos from the Calvin Klein Spring 2013 presentation below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Calvin Klein Spring 2013







*All photos by Neil Rasmus via Calvin Klein’s official Facebook page.


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