Hollister Male Models in South Korea
Matthew ‘Carver’ Vande Vegte, Facebook

Hollister just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. From a bed bug infestation inside its NYC SoHo location to people getting lost in its dark England location, CEO Michael S. Jeffries seems like he’s up to his eyeballs in controversial report after controversial report. And guess what! He’s got another one to add to the list, courtesy of a few of those storefront male models.

For Hollister’s South Korean store opening, a few of those shirtless hunks were shipped out to be some much needed man candy and to pose for pics with the customers. Doesn’t seem to hard, right? Well, there were a handful of them who even managed to F that up. One of the models, Matthew “Carver” Vande Vegte posed with his middle finger flashing, while others squinted their eyes in photos and mocked the South Koreans’ English pronunciation on their Twitter accounts.

Hollister male model

In response, Hollister released this statement on its Facebook page:

“In summary, the company terminated the couple of associates involved. On behalf of our more than 80,000 associates around the world who cherish our core values and our culture of diversity and inclusion, we sincerely apologize for the offense caused by these unauthorized, ill-considered actions.”

What do you think? Does this new controversy finally deter you from shopping at Hollister (as if the clothes haven’t already done that)?


One thought on “So, Hollister Male Models Apparently Don’t Much Care for South Koreans

  1. Truthfully I reckon the undesirable along with inexcusable. Nonetheless to the vietnamese growing media will be alright everything towards sensationalize any type of racism regarding them plus pretext anything completed to and also the inside their state. Our kids listed here will continue ordering of which crappy basically because they believe its “famous” or simply what ever. That you’re addressing something of which has not been enquired. This particular article manages the unhealthy behaviour of Americans offshore. If that’s extremely terrifying for you personally, and you also require to modify the subject matter to regain it for the alternative dude, it’s great. However you may appear more credible if you might really admit your personal refusal and incapacity in order to self-reflect without any help society earliest, in advance of claiming that will 2 wrongs develop a best suited.

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