Ryan Lochte Fashion Line
Fernando Leon, Getty Images

Ryan Lochte was definitely not one of those gold medalists who simply bowed out of the spotlight after scoring big at the 2012 Olympics. Upon leaving London, reports of the swimmer starring in his own reality show and snagging cameos on a number of shows, including ‘30 Rock‘ and ‘90210,’ began pouring out of the woodworks; and he even got the opportunity to report on New York Fashion Week for E!.

Who knew Lochte, who’s essentially turning into the Brad Gronkowski-playa’ type of the swimming world, was interested in style, let alone becoming the next pop culture icon? But it turns out his passion for fashion extends far beyond his recent NYFW gig.

During Fashion’s Night Out in NYC, Esquire caught up with Lochte, who said, “What I really want to do is have my own clothing line, my own men’s apparel and accessories… I want my clothing line to correlate with my personality. ‘Cause of swimming, I had that clean-cut, clean, driven look. And then I have that wild side where I do like to go out and have fun. I do like skateboarding, crazy sneakers, so I want that clean look, but with an edge.”

Then a couple days later in an interview with Stylelite just before he hit up the Rebecca Minkoff spring 2013 show, Lochte spilled that his plans are already moving forward. “Right now, [my fashion line is] in the making. I’m working with a new design team, and hopefully, it will be up and running within a year.”

He’s already designed some of his own watches and necklaces, so what’s to stop him from moving into apparel? Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and wait to pass judgement until his designs actually make their way down a runway. Unfortunately, Kanye West’s less-than adequate reviews aren’t helping Lochte’s argument that a celeb can pull off a decent clothing line.

What do you think? Are you excited for a Ryan Lochte-designed collection? Or should he give up while he’s ahead? Let us know in the comments!


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