Karl Lagerfeld
Chanel, YouTube

Chanel’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld gets hit up by the press all the time, more so during Fashion Week — and the most recent Paris Fashion Week was no exception.

While answering questions about his “new vintage” Haute-Couture collection for fall/winter, the one inquiry, “Do you think this will start a revolution in terms of the idea of vintage?,” yielded this answer from the fashion legend:

“You know, I’m not pretentious enough to answer that question. It’s a proposition. I prefer for you to think it, eh, okay. But… this is a proposition. I see it that way; I call it that. It’s up to you and the public to see whatever they want. If they think it’s a kind of vintage, I’m very happy; but it’s not for me to say.”

This might have been the most interested moment from his runway show, as some critics are calling his latest creations “dull.” But if we’ve learned anything from this latest interview or some of his previous ones, people should know never to underestimate this iconic designer. He will bite back a bit.

Watch Karl Lagerfeld’s Full Interview Below


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