Ryan Gosling 'Drive' Jacket
FilmDistrict/Steady Clothing

We all want to look like Ryan Gosling — how else do you explain those slicked-back, circa 1960 hair cuts walking up and down the streets of New York City? Ever since the ‘Drive’ star burst into a dinner in Cannes in 2011 wearing those awesome two-tone shoes and a suit fitted to perfection, all those men who read GQ religiously (including myself) have been trying to replicate his style.

Well, all of us may not know how to yet, but we can at least look as bad ass as he was in ‘Drive.’

The folks at Steady Clothing, a line that prides itself on its vintage inspirations, have officially replicated that very bomber jacket made so famous by Gosling’s iconic picture of sitting behind the wheel of an Accord. And, according to them, “it’s as close as you can get to the actual scorpion jacket worn by the star.” By the way, it’s only $160. Now all you’ll need are some leather racing gloves and a pair of smoldering eyes and the looks will be complete.


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