Robert Pattinson Gucci
Pacific Coast News/Gucci

Have you ever wondered who stars, like Robert Pattinson, like to keep on their speed dials? Personal drivers, personal assistants, agents and personal trainers seem to be the most popular answers. But for the real-life Edward Cullen, the one name he’s most likely to call just as much as any of the previously mentioned is Gucci — you know, for those late-night sartorial cravings that just can’t wait until the morning.

The ‘Twilight’ star, who a lot of us probably thought wasn’t much of a style-crazy fashionisto (maybe it’s the hair), revealed in an interview with GQ magazine’s UK edition that Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Gianni is always a phone call away. “The amount of times I’ve been stuck in some random city and have called her up and had things brought in at absolutely the last minute – it’s crazy. But also all this stuff is custom-made,” he added.

He also admitted to having the fashion house send over at least 25 different suits because, as he says, “I don’t even know what I want to wear!” Finally he realizes that he needs to step up his style game if he’s ever gonna become the new Ryan Gosling.


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