Ricky Martin's mustache
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

Ricky Martin returned to the Broadway stage a few days ago as Che in the revival production of ‘Evita,’ but you could tell something was different about the ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’ heartthrob. Oh yeah, that’s right. He came out on stage to his adoring public with a suave-looking mustache instead of his normal bit of scruff.

According to Martin, he grew it as a means of connecting with his character, but we think this kind of gentlemanly look suits him. The suspenders and pinstripe pants he wears for the show are only icing on the cake.

Evita‘ will premiere in April 5, but the 40-year-old sex symbol has been making his rounds with Elena Roger previewing the upcoming show.

“I’ve felt emotions onstage that I never felt before,” he told the press, “it has strengthened me as a person and as an artist.” Mustaches can have that effect on people.

Ricky Martin in 'Evita'
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

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