Darren Criss, Matt Bomer, Tim Davis, 'Glee'
Tim Davis (@loudmouthmuch), Twitter

What do you get when you put Darren Criss, Matt Bomer, and singer/vocal arranger Tim Davis on ‘Glee’ together? Only the most stylish family ever to hit the TV screen.

E! Online gave us a little spoiler info on the upcoming episode ‘Big Brother’ a while back, revealing that the ‘White Collar’ star will be playing Blaine’s brother, Cooper. And now we see, through photo evidence, that Tim Davis is coming in to complete the Anderson family as Adam, their stylish dad.

Apparently, amazing hair was the only casting requirement. Also, are you noticing that each guy is perfectly demonstrating one of three popular men’s hair styles? Criss has got the side part down perfectly, Davis is sporting that ’50s-era look, and Bomer is showing off… well, “the Bomer” hair.

After last week’s emotionally charged episode about Karofsky, it’s good to have something a little more lighthearted to look forward to. (Plus, we need to also find out what’s happening with that whole texting and driving incident.) It looks like the episode will mostly center around Blaine and will feature a flashback of him and his brother. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until April when to see Bomer and Davis’ performances.

[Source: Tim Davis’ Twitter]


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