GANT Rugger Fall 2012
Park and Bond (@parkandbond), Twitter

GANT Rugger did not go the route of practically everyone at New York Fashion Week when presenting his fall 2012 collection. Instead of a runway or a traditional show-and-tell presentation, the team occupied New York’s The Fat Radish and treated the men’s style elite to dinner and a show.

On the menu? According to bloggers Tom and Lorenzo, roasted lamb and grilled sea bass. On the models? Sportswear inspired by characters you’d see at a restaurant.

According to GANT Rugger, “This season revolves around two characters, the Chef and the Owner, and, of course, their friends hanging out at the best joint in NYC.” Take a look below.

GANT Rugger Fall 2012
Elva I. Ramirez (@elvainadine), Twitter
GANT Rugger Fall 2012
Justin Chung (@justinchung), Twitter

Check out high-res photos from the GANT Rugger Fall 2012 event over at Tom and Lorenzo.

[Source: Tom and Lorenzo]


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