Mark McNairy, GQ Best New Menswear Designer 2012

When you think of Mark McNairy, you automatically think of those awesome shoes all the hipsters and dandies are aching to own. But there’s a lot more to this GQ Best New Menswear Designer of 2012 than you think. McNairy may have started in shoes, but he’s branched into menswear with his Mark McNairy New Amsterdam collection. Now, as one of the six winners of GQ’s designer search, he’ll be creating something exclusive for the GAP this fall.

In case this is the first time you’re hearing about him, here’s a baseball card-style cheat sheet on Mark McNairy so that you can sound smart when talking to all your friends.

Collection: Mark McNairy New Amsterdam
Founded: 2009
Based Out of: New York City

Mark McNairy, suede bucks
Mark McNairy, Park and Bond

About Mark McNairy: Currently, Mark McNairy is the creative director over at Woolrich Woolen Mills, churning out those fantastic Americana-influenced outerwear pieces we all love. Before this gig, McNairy worked as J.Press’ creative director. He’s additionally designed for Finis, Southwick, and 68 & Brothers.

Almost as famous as McNairy is his son Rider McNairy. It seems like the suave 4-year-old goes everywhere with his dad, and he certainly dresses like him. Check him out below.

Rider McNairy, Mark McNairy's son
@mmcnairy, Twitter

About Mark McNairy’s Collection: McNairy’s clothes (and shoes for that matter) are classic pieces men have worn for years, but that have been transformed into something modern gents want to wear. Instead of oxfords, there’s oxfords with eye-popping, yellow-colored soles. Instead of khaki shorts, there’s zebra-printed shorts. Get the picture? This is a collection any man from any generation would want to throw on.

Twitter: @mmcnairy

Where to Buy Mark McNairy: Park and Bond, The Brooklyn Circus, Bonobos, ASOS… Just to name a few.

Read More About Mark McNairy:


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