Simon Nessman male model
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Simon Nessman is one of the top male models in the entire world. Since entering the industry, he’s graced the covers of countless magazines, walked numerous runways, and acted as the male muse for dozens of designers. The Menswear Journal scoured through tons of blogs, magazines, and interviews to find out as much information as we could to answer some of the most asked questions about male model Simon Nessman.

Birthday: November 5, 1990 [Editor’s Note: Although there are some media outlets that refer to a different date, blog research and the year given by New York Magazine yield this one.]
Birthplace: Courtenay, British Columbia [Source]

Where is Simon Nessman living now?: Brooklyn, NY

Height: 6′ 2”
Hair and Eyes: Brown
Shoe: U.S. 12

Facebook: Simon Nessman
Twitter: @SimonNessman

Simon Nessman male model

How did Simon Nessman become a model?: “I was discovered by a girl from my home town, Sophie Cottini. She set me up with Mode Models International and everything took off from there,” he told CoverMen Mag.

How did Simon Nessman get so famous?: Since being featured in the pages of VMan magazine as male model on the rise in April of 2011, Nessman has since modeled for just about all the top designers. In his opinion, “Givenchy was probably the campaign that solidified [his] place in the industry as a high fashion model.” He had a budding career before this, but wasn’t internationally recognized as a male supermodel.

What does Simon Nessman do for fun?: “I love surfing. I was in the water a lot more when I first moved to NY,” he told JDVision, referring specifically to Rockaway Beach and Long Beach. “I’m not heavy in to the clubs by any means. I have a good group of friends in the city that I have fun with.”

Is Simon Nessman single?: Nope, sorry ladies and gents. Nessman is off the market. According to his Facebook page, he’s dating model Gillian Masonhing Staples.

Simon Nessman male model
John Galiano

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