Paul Rudd, Jennifer Aniston in GQ
Terry Richardson for GQ

Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston seem like the perfect fake Hollywood couple in their upcoming movie Wanderlust, and we can tell that just by watching the promos. For the March issue of GQ, these two funny people were brought together again to give of little preview of what we can expect from them. If Aniston sticking her foot in Rudd’s mouth is any suggestion, we’re in for a fun ride.

“We’ve made out for decades,” said Rudd, when asked if it was awkward for him to kiss his longtime friend. “It helps that it’s nice,” Aniston replied. Of course, this conversation all happened after the Friends star swooned over pictures of her pitt bull-boxer puppy with Rudd. Nice transition.

You can check out a longer excerpt of the interview at, or you can pick up the latest version from a newsstand.

Watch the Trailer for Wanderlust Below


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