Kanye West for Topshop
Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images/Topshop

Whether you’re actually enjoying Kanye West‘s fashion designs or not (we all know the critics sure aren’t), it doesn’t look like the world has had enough of them yet.

According to the the UK’s Daily Mirror, it looks like the rapper recently had lunch with Topshop CEO Sir Philip Green. What does this all mean? Well, it means that we might be seeing a women’s collection of his on the Topshop racks.

“Kanye has wanted to work with Sir Philip Green for some time,” says an unidentified source. “They were in the restaurant for several hours tossing ideas back and forth.”

However, like with most rumors, it’s become a classic case of “he said, she said.” Sir Green himself says, “I had lunch with him and, sorry, do I have to report who I have lunch with…? He was hungry. So was I. That’s what happens at lunchtime. There was no conversation going on.”

You’re probably thinking, “So, why is this news?” Here’s the thing… Even the slightest hint of West repeating the (quote) “painful” clothing line is a definite cause for concern.

[via Complex]


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