Alphyn Industries
Photo: Alphyn Industries

The concept is Blade Runner, the clothes are activewear, and combining these two is pretty much what Alphyn Industries has created.    What else would you call a fleece jacket with a fold out iPad compartment? The designs get even more unusual. T-shirts and jeans with iPhone holders made from nano fiber technology make up the bulk of this futuristic clothing line.

“Our goal is to help our customers enjoy the full potential of 21st century technologies, and to create smart clothing and products that serve multiple functions and address daily necessities,” said CEO Ben Raviv.

Take the SOMA-1 Wearcom pullover as an example — within one of the water resistant fleece sleeves is a slide-in holder for you iPhone, providing quick and easy access… similar to what you’d expect in a Blade Runner-based world.

While the innovation and ideas are commendable, this perceived future is a long ways ahead. You have to ask yourself, “In a culture that’s focused on looking great in wayfarer sunglasses and ’50s-style hair cuts, would a style-conscious man actually wear these clothes?” Seriously, we want to know.

Alphyn Jeans
Photo: Alyphn Industries

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