J. Crew fair isle sweater, Junya Watanabe blazer
Photos: J. Crew / Yannis Vlamos

You can view the new men’s fair isle sweater from J. Crew in one of two ways — either it’s ethically reprehensible for a mainstream company to so blatantly rip off a runway item, or it’s admirable that J. Crew made something so high-fashion and expensive accessible to the public.

Either way, it’s a pretty awesome sweater.


2 thoughts on “Where Have I Seen This J. Crew Sweater Before? Oh, That’s Right…

  1. I agree with zooey, the colour scheme is the same but they’re not that similar in terms of pattern…fair isle is recycled often in that one can only do so much with repetitive motifs that still remind people of the original Fair Isle sweaters…if it were an Junya Watanabe print, then I’d understand people feeling flustered. I personally prefer the sweater over the blazer, given that the colour scheme doesn’t lend itself to wearing it more than maybe 1 month a year 🙂

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