James Franco directing Seven For All Mankind
Gareth Cattermole, Getty / Seven For All Mankind

We all think of James Franco as the actor who starred in movies like ‘Spider Man,’ ‘Milk’ and ‘127 Hours,’ but as his resume continues to expand, we’re going to start thinking of him as an ad campaign director. Yup, James Franco’s first gig involving an advertising shoot will entail the celeb both filming and shooting Seven For All Mankind’s spring campaign.

President of Seven For All Mankind Barry Miguel said, “We want to tell our story about our California roots and James Franco so embodies the ideals of California… He was born and raised in California and he encapsulates that idea of freedom of expression and being modern in California.”

It’s not like Franco isn’t already busy. Right now, he’s in Detroit filming Disney’s upcoming production of ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful,’ Franco playing the title role.

“They’re giving me a lot of freedom,” Franco told WWD magazine over a phone interview about the ad shoot. “It’s about having the opportunity to be creative in a new way and they are going to provide all the toys and the cast and everything else.” We’ll be able to see his ability with both print and film ads this coming March.

Read more about this story at ‘WWD.’ 


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