Brooklyn Circus online shop
L to R: Honors Varsity Vest, $320; Varsity Jacket, $250 (Photo: The Brooklyn Circus")

After what seemed like too long for comfort, The Brooklyn Circus and Ouigi Theodore [pictured above left] got their acts together and re-opened their online shop to the public. Of course, not all the wondrous items of the Brooklyn store, like the vintage-looking rings and a lot of the sweaters and jackets, are available yet through the site, but a large enough selection is ready for non-New Yorkers to start experiencing the lifestyle of The Brooklyn Circus.

And when I say lifestyle of The Brooklyn Circus, I really mean of Ouigi Theodore. Everything from that brand is something Theodore would probably wear himself. One signature piece from Theodore’s and the Circus’ style is the varsity jacket. Fortunately, if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of variations, like the varsity vest [shown on Theodore above] and the varsity cardigan.

The other must-have item is their shoe. I mean, one of their shoes. Anything with the wing tip detailing will look both really cool and high-end when paired with the varsity jacket. The Wolverine Adison boot [shown bottom left] has been a pick of mine for some time and it thrills me to know that the Circus picked it up, too. Then, of course, there’s Mark McNairy, which one can never go wrong in choosing.

Wolverine boot, Mark McNairy Brogue, The Brooklyn Circus
L to R: Wolverine boot, $350; Mark McNairy saddle shoe, $285 (Photo: The Brooklyn Circus)

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