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It’s a large and vast world of men’s style blogs out there, and sometimes you don’t know who to turn to. Some authors say they know what they’re talking about, but they could be churning out “blah” from their living room couch wearing nothing but wife beaters and whitey-tighties. Even me — you can’t really know until you meet me if I’m the kind of guy you want to be taking style advice from.

To help ease your suffering, I’ve tracked down four mens style blogs that are run by fashion industry professionals — and some you might recognize.

Blog: Black and Tanned NY (WordPress)
Author: Jonathan Evans
Credentials: Associate editor at Gilt Man

Black and Tanned NY

The 411 — Jonathan Evans has the style and the smarts behind his fantastic blog. It’s probably the editor in him, but there are rarely any spelling errors, which may seem insignificant to most bloggers, but is a must if you want to be taken seriously as an expert. When it comes to fashion, the man loves his leather jackets, but he also has the eye for catching really cool bits to add to a wardrobe.

Blog: Fashion Monday (Blogspot)
Author: JJ Lee
Credentials: Menswear columnist for the Vancouver Sun

JJ Lee, Fashion Monday

What’s this about? — JJ Lee is a journalist first and a style expert second. Unless you’re a photography-oriented blogger, you’re writing more than tracking down images, which is why reading something straight off the keyboard of a professional writer is always refreshing. Lee also has a new book out on the market called ‘The Measure of a Man: The Story of a Father, a Son, and a Suit,’ on top of his blog and his columns for the Vancouver Sun.

Blog: Give A Hoot (Tumblr)
Author: Steven Kolb
Credentials: CFDA executive director

steven kolb blog give a hoot

FYI — You probably can’t get any more “expert” than the executive director of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. If you can, I can’t think of any one. This is not so much a blog where he dishes out style advice or instructs men on how to dress better. It’s more him photographing creative scenes that he likes, whether it’s fashion, sculpture or nature.

Blog: Diatribes by Joah (TypePad)
Author: Joah Spearman
Credentials: Co-founder and executive producer of Style X; Huffington Post Style Blogger

Diatribes by Joahn Spearman

About — Doesn’t it seem like everyone in the fashion world is so incredibly busy that they can’t stand it? Milan Vukmirovic said he works 20 hours a day, which seems utterly impossible. Then there’s this guy, Joah Spearman, who works on Bazaarvoice, Style X, The Huffington Post, attends fashion events all over the country, and the list goes on. It’s cool to be a jack of all trades, but just as long as you do all of them to the best of your ability. Take Diatribes by Joah for example, it’s well-polished blog that has a lot of well articulated thoughts coupled with great menswear finds. What more could you ask for in a men’s style blog?


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