Alexander McQueen Jacket, Shirt
Jacket, $2,575; Shirt, $1,100; via

Duller and darker colors come out along with the cold weather, but the Alexander McQueen brand shows that you can keep most of your spring colors out. In fact, it’s a great way to update your fall wardrobe.

While these clothes aren’t for everyone, you can’t ignore the creativity. The brand has always been about revolutionizing the way people wear clothes, and the clothes are as unique and vibrant as McQueen himself.

Don’t pile it all on unless you have the confidence to back it up. It’s better to focus on one piece and build the look around that piece, especially if you’re the kind of guy who’s easing into this kind of fashion for the first time.

The difference between wearing these pieces as a high end look and wearing them as a costume is appropriate styling. Always keep the occasion you’re heading to in mind and let that influence how they’re worn.

$3,450 via
Alexander McQueen shearling jacket
$4,575 via

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