Armie Hammer, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss
All photos from Columbia Pictures

As part of a series called Watch for Style, The Menswear Journal is pinpointing the movies and TV shows with the most stylish characters whose wardrobing exceeds the standard of men’s styling. As with runway and editorial campaigns, these men should inspire your own creativity when it comes to dressing yourself.

Take Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss as examples. Both characters of The Social Network are played by actor Armie Hammer, and both represent an important concept with the popular collegiate style: it is possible to live out of collared shirts. It’s about sharp tailoring and prepster attire that fits to the contours of your body.

Men are too often wearing suiting jackets and sport coats that perhaps fit in the shoulders and arms, but dangle below the butt. Taller men with the appropriate leg length can certainly pull this off, but for the majority of guys, this look is not flattering to the male form. In fact, a fitted jacket will give your look more of a shape, rather than turn you into a square.

Check out the Winklevoss twins in action below.

Cameron, Tyler Winklevoss, Armie HammerTyler, Cameron Winklevoss, Armie HammerArmie Hammer, Cameron, Tyler WinklevossArmie Hammer, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss


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