Landmark Men

Landmark Men is the next stage on the mens-only retail progression. As the basement level of the Landmark mall, owned by Hongkong Land, the space is filled with everything a man needs — Gucci, Valentino, Thomas Pink, Marc Jacobs and the like.

“I think there’s a unique segment of the market where men are buying for themselves,” says Hongkong Land’s executive director of commercial property Raymond Chow. “That market has always been there, but we’re tapping into it.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, men in China have spent 7 billion yuan (equivalent to $1.1 billion) on clothing last year, while women only spent 2.8 billion yuan.

“Men can now go downstairs [in the Landmark] and sort of hide,” says Chow. “This is for all the men who come here — from Hong Kong, China, the Americas, Europe — for their bespoke shopping.”

Read more about this news story at The Wall Street Journal.


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