Christian Louboutin Paris Store
Photo: taken from Hypebeast

If there’s one thing to remember about fashion in today’s world, it’s that men can be just as openly obsessed about it as women. It then comes as no surprise — what with the introduction of mens-only retailers and boutiques — that a luxury store has recently opened in Paris dedicated to men’s shoes.

Owner Christian Louboutin started his career as a women’s shoe seller, but found this new venture better equipped to incorporate male cliente while keeping his women’s store prospering. “Sometimes women feel uncomfortable when men stare at them when they try on shoes,” he tells the NY Times.

These aren’t just any shoes. These are priced in the thousands. According to NY Times writer Eric Wilson, “The shoes are so ridiculously expensive that you would not want to risk despoiling them by touching the ground.” Hand embroidery, metallic spikes, authentic pearls and custom tattoo-inspired designs are all common details found on Louboutin footwear. Some customers, most likely the ones the owner has sold on average 20 pairs a day to, are willing to pay upwards of $8,000 for a single pair. This writer isn’t one of them… Not at this time anyway.

Read more about this news story at The New York Times and Hypebeast.


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