Andrew Mashanov Gant Rugger Illustrations
All photos courtesy of GANT USA

Russian freelance illustrator Andrew Mashanov, 22, is drawn to fashion brands that have a timeless history behind them, which is probably why he agreed to create artistic recreations of the GANT Rugger fall 2011 collection.

“I think music is the main source of my inspiration,” Mashanov tells GANT, referring to his large range of likes from 60s hits to British hip-hop. “When I was drawing illustrations for Gant Rugger LookBook, I happened to be listening to American 50s rock’n’roll and blues.”

Each day for 18 days on GANT’s website, one Mashanov illustration has been posted along with commentary from designer Christopher Bastin for the public to enjoy (today being the 15th). In addition, the downtown Manhattan GANT Rugger stores, located on Bleecker and Prince Streets, will be giving away Mashanov’s GANT art in poster and sticker forms to customers while supplies last.

Check out some of the artwork below and find out what Christopher Bastin has been saying.

Andrew Mashanov Gant Rugger Illustrations

“‘Checked Lined Hood’ jacket. I love these old, outdoorsy mountaineering pieces. We’ve been doing them since the early 70’s and will always continue doing them, one way or another.” — Christopher Bastin

Andrew Mashanov Gant Rugger IllustrationsAndrew Mashanov Gant Rugger Illustrations


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