There’s a moment that occurs when you try on a spectacular piece of clothing. You look in the mirror and you can’t help but smile because it feels right on you and makes you look so stylish and unique. I experienced this moment when I tried on a varsity jacket by The Brooklyn Circus.

When the magazines start dictating trends and selecting the must-have items, it becomes difficult to find something that very few people have. You bounce from store to store trying on different versions of the same kind of item, like the varsity jacket.

My journey led to Brooklyn’s Nevins street. I went there with the intent to document The Art of Reuse’s thrift-shop experience, but afterwards I found The Brooklyn Circus located across the street. The varsity jacket is a signature of the brand; it comes in a variety of distinct colors and fabric-weights. The wool, like with the orange-lined jacket, is heavy enough for fall and winter, while thinner ones are great for cool spring nights.

Price: $489.94
Where to buy: call 718-858-0919 for East coast orders; send orders to shoponline [at] thebkcircus [dot] com; or visit 150 Nevins Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217.


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