The adult elephant leading its baby is more than just a logo for The Brooklyn Circus. The symbol is the embodiment of the brand’s commitment to moving generations forward with help from the past. “It’s a little more expensive,” says creative director Ouigi Theodore about his clothes, “but what you get out of it, to know that you can have a jacket that you can pass on to your kids.”

It’s this attention to detail that makes these garments last a lifetime. Any guy looking to expand his wardrobe with unique pieces should take a trip to Brooklyn.

Address: 150 Nevins Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217
Hours: Noon to 7 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday
Menswear only: Yes
Shop online: The online ordering option is currently under construction. Call 718-858-0919 for order inquiries on the East coast, or send an email to
Blog: The blog is just as important to the brand as the retail experience. The 100-Year Plan, as it’s named, is a culmination of individuals that inspire The Brooklyn Circus and who together have “more than 100 years of Style + Character experience.”


Store vibe: Surrounded by brownstones and laundromats in a residential area of Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Circus shop is as detailed and put together as the clothes themselves. Varsity cardigans are neatly laid out on a ping-pong table in this parlor setting, oxfords and Letterman jackets are draped over wooden hangers and each staff member is fully styled in semi-preppy attire. The space is the perfect meeting ground of high-end and street cool.

Customer service: Ouigi is constantly in the store. As a creative director, he’s extremely hands on with his products, even when it comes to providing the best customer service possible. His presence and laid-back demeanor helps create the relaxed atmosphere great for shopping and hanging out.

Get The Brooklyn Circus look: Ouigi maintains that customers don’t have to dress a certain way to wear his clothes. While the brand has a certain prepster nature, the look really comes together when a customer puts his own unique twist on the garments.

The clothes are extremely versatile and can accommodate gentlemen both older and younger, both street wise and conservative and both casual and formal.


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