Standard Issue windbreaker, $109; Sundek by Neil Barrett, $112; The Hill-Side pocket square, $50

I was never that big into camo. It reminds me too much of high school guys riding around their dirt bikes in my home town. On the other hand, I have never seen this print styled the way designers have been this season, though I’m still ambivalent. If you’re of that semi-conservative mindset that I am and tend to avoid this kind of print, you may want to reconsider.

When it comes to camouflage in menswear, I find that it’s easy to look cheap, which is why it’s better to stick with one stand-out camouflaged piece per look. You don’t want to go full-combat mode looking like an undercover sniper with a camo shirt, camo jacket, camo pants and camo shoes.

Smaller garments are my way of incorporating this trend into my closet — pocket square, tie or scarf  — especially with dressier looks. Check out how guys like Milan Vukmirovic and Nick Wooster are pulling off the trend below.

Milan Vukmirovic (Photo: GQ)
Nick Wooster (Photo: GQ)
Dan Trepanier (Photo: The Style Blogger)

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