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New York style, L. A. style, Miami vibe… Each city has its own unique crop of people with their own distinct styles, and for the most-visited locations, you always hear visitors ask, “How do you dress like a New Yorker? Californian? Floridian?” For the most part, these looks have already been covered, but what about cities like Detroit?

The Menswear Journal reached out to stylist Lena Piskorowski to get her take on what makes men in her city stand out from the rest, and her tips for building a wardrobe.

Detroit Style

I never really like pigeon-holding a certain style to one area… as you know, there are all kinds of people in each city. What do you do for a living? What about for fun? But if I have to give a generalization, I’d say conservative and casual. Guys here tend to stay with neutral solid colors and layer them. Style-wise, the risk takers are at a minimum — that’s where I try to ‘push’ people a bit.

How to Get the Detroit Look

Detroit has die-hard fans — Hockeytown, Who’s your Tiger? Sparty On! Go Blue! The Lions (a comeback year?) — so your social life


usually involves some type of sport. Also, there is, and always has been, a major music scene here. Don’t forget, it’s the Midwest, there are four full seasons. Combine all this and here’s what you got: A sharp-looking wool coat should be your investment; you’ll wear it often. Have different types of pants in a couple colors so you’re not bored — corduroys, chinos etc. Some type of boot that you can wear to a game, a cider mill or a concert — not too rugged, not too precious.

Three things men should have in their closets right now…

1. Ankle boots 2. A pair of straight leg dark jeans 3. A tan belt.

Mix colors and textures that you might not have tried before — wear that tan belt with a light grey suit (instead of the ‘no-brainer’ black belt option). You’ll look more interesting, but not in an obnoxious way. Break apart your suits and bring out (or buy your first) sport coat. Pair a dress pant with a velvet or corduroy blazer or your dark jeans with a wool sport coat.

Three things men must have in their closets for the fall…

The word ‘must’ cracks me up. You will not die if you don’t have a plaid blazer, a pair of wool trousers or slip-on loafers, but you’ll look a hell of lot better if you do.

My number one style tip for men these days is…

For some reason, sneakers popped into my head. Whatever shoes you wear to the gym, should not be the ones you wear… anywhere else. That makes me angry.

Photo: Courtesy of DRESS

Based in Detroit, Lena founded her own style consultation company Dress and collaborates with a number of companies. Most recently, she’s worked with People StyleWatch for a stylist event and J.Hilburn to provide men with custom-made shirts. In addition, she’s a co-author for the book My Style, My Way and consistently contributes to fashion publications.

Are you a resident of Detroit with style needs? Contact Lena for a personal consultation.


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