Tears of Beaumont, Jayson Palacio
Courtesy of Jayson Palacio

James Beaumont came home one day after work to find his wife missing. Months go by with no sign of her, causing James to turn to “toxins” to numb the feelings of despair.

This is the story behind Tears of Beaumont‘s first collection. It’s one part writing, one part fashion from the mind of designer Jayson Palacio. Jayson has always been attracted to the creativity behind fashion brands. After studying fashion and working with various names, including Levi Strauss & Company, he started his own brand based in Los Angeles.

The Menswear Journal caught up with this rising talent to find out more about Tears of Beaumont.

The Menswear Journal: Your website states that Tears of Beaumont is a story-based menswear line. How are the stories created?
Jayson Palacio: At Tears of Beaumont we first develop a story, then incorporate pieces we believe work best and redesign to best suit the collection’s story. For season one, we utilized the chest pocket on each piece to cater to James Beaumont’s (the leading character) addiction to cigarettes.

MWJ: What sort of man do you have in mind when designing clothes? 
JP: A man who loves fabrics of high quality and well fitting garments… [Signature pieces] would be the letterman and our button-down shirts.

Photo: Dandee Ronruen/ Felisha Tolentino

MWJ:  Do you pay more attention to trends or doing your own thing?
JP: I never really considered myself a trend follower, I just go with what I believe works best in the market. I design stuff I would wear, not what some periodicals/trend reports tell me to design.

MWJ: How did Tears of Beaumont get its start?
JP: This project came about as more of an interpretation of what I, as a designer, felt the industry lacked. The brand’s still fairly prenatal. I’m never really content with what my finalized products look like, so season one is more of a teaser of what the brand has to offer in its very near future.

MWJ: Who are the main players behind the brand?
JP: The brand’s key players are all the individuals who partake in the interpretation of my vision, from my photographers to my business partners. I prefer to not name anyone in particular. Shit, Nick, I even consider you a minor key player in the brand for approaching me with this interview.

MWJ: What’s your ultimate vision for the brand?
JP: To create a brand that is more of a lifestyle catered from bath soap, undergarments, women’s apparel to eventually shoes and home furnishing.

Photo: Dandee Ronruen/ Felisha Tolentino

MWJ:  What can Tears of Beaumont clothes offer that other brands within the same genre cannot?
JP: Price in quality from pattern to fabrication. These days garments can cost quadruple their cost price, but the fabrication choice is just not there.

MWJ:  What’s the number one piece of clothing every man should own for this coming fall?
JP: A beautiful, intelligent woman.

MJW: What’s your favorite thing to wear right now?
JP: I love oxford shirts. You can wear them with anything, and any season.

MJW: What’s your personal style like?
JP: Eccentric.

Interested in purchasing from Tears of Beaumont? You can direct all retail and wholesale inquiries to sales [at] tearsofbeaumont [dot] com.


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