H by Hudson slip-on, $174; vintage sweater via DFame, $54; Obey scarf, $58

While on a mission to modernize vintage style, our culture has hit a trend that hopefully can be pulled off better the second time around: Native American influence.

You don’t have to dress in traditional Navajo garb in order to channel a tribal sense of style. The trick is to not wear all the pieces at once, otherwise you’ll look more like a hobo than an innovator. These prints go great with American workwear and rugged looks.

Subtlety is never a man’s enemy. A small accessory, like a scarf or a wrist band, with a Native American print is all you need. For those who want to make more of a statement, make sure the pattern is bold and graphic, but not overdone. Start by limiting the graphic to one piece of clothing or accessory and expand appropriately as you become more comfortable with it.

ASOS tee, $29.27; L. L. Bean Signature shirt, $79; TopMan shorts, unavailable

From My Own Closet

This necklace is from a Native American tribe in my home state of Rhode Island. My dad told me that inside the pouch is a mixture of herbs and plants that give the wearer good luck and protection.


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