Nearly all men are on a different biological clock than the fashion world. When spring clothes hit the stores, we’re still bundled up in peacoats and wool scarves, and when fall clothes are out (as is the case now) we start to perspire at the very thought of having to wear layers. Worst of all, retailers are selling less and less of what we need at the moment: summer garb.

So what’s a guy to do? Find ways to wear fall stuff without sweating right through them.

Ankle boots look great with some rolled-up chinos or a pair of shorts. Get creative.
Navy is a suit color for all seasons. Take away the sweater and add brighter colors with a watch or pocket square.
You'll never be without tees. There's no harm in incorporating some of the fall colors.
If you can't find any chino or denim shorts, pick up some cord ones.
Just because you're wearing a suiting blazer doesn't mean you're required to wear trousers.
Most fall and winter shirts are made in heavier fabrics. Be careful not to add a pair of just-as-heavy pants.
Rain makes everything cooler. Have your jacket reflect that with a pop of color.
Never place your sneaks in hibernation. Ever!
Fall jackets are brighter than last year's. Keep that in mind for those cool summer nights.
Don't toss aside your colored pants when fall hits. They have their uses.

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