Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

The UK’s largest digital fashion retailer has finally updated their printed magazine for the current generations. Starting tomorrow, ASOS will launch its new magazine iPad app to the public with free access to all its editorial content, “including regular newspaper-style pullouts dedicated to menswear,” says Head of Editorial Melissa Dick.

“Inside, there’s more style advice from ASOS, bloggers, writers, musicians, new faces and real girls than ever before,” she says. The fall September cover for both the app and the re-designed print magazine, for example, features the up-incoming UK star Florrie. The drummer/model/singer/songwriter will be the first in a series of rising talents ASOS will be highlighting in future issues.

“This is not just a version of the print edition, or web content,” says CEO Nick Robertson, “but refreshingly it delivers unique and compelling tablet-based experiences all of its own and is free to download.”

In addition to editorial content, readers will enjoy the more convenient shopping experience including 360-degree rotations of all available products. Non-iPad owners don’t have that much to complain about because eventually the company will translate the app for Androids and PlayBooks around the December holidays.

Photo: Courtesy of ASOS

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