Saturday’s Surf NYC is not the place for surfers. It’s the place for New York City surfers. Morgan Collett, Josh Rosen and Colin Tunstall opened the store in August of 2009 with the intent to create a semi-getaway for that seemingly small sub-culture of urban-dwelling beach goers. And they’ve succeeded.

Address: 31 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013; on Crosby just below Broome Street
Menswear only?: Yes
Shop online:
Fitting rooms: (2) The draped curtains in the center of the retail space does not offer much privacy as customers can easily snag a peak of your rear in the open slit. For those timid enough to need total privacy when changing, this may not be the ideal place to try on clothes.
Blog: Get a better view of the NYC surfer lifestyle

Customer service: Because of the compact space, associates are able to provide individualized service so you can leave satisfied with everything you need.

Amenities: Aside from purchasing the essentials for a relaxed day at the beach, including a surfboard and surf supplies, you can also taste the delicious blend of La Colombe from the espresso bar up front. Bring your drink to the back and you’ll be able to sip while chillin’ (not relaxing or relaxin’) in the outdoor yard. It serves as a chill (there’s that word again) space to escape the constant stimulation of city life, even if it’s just for a quiet minute.

Store vibe: Walking into Saturday’s Surf NYC is like walking into a surf shop in Hawaii, what with the Tiki-room style of the wooden floors and surfboards leaning against the walls. To your surprise, the clothing hanging on the racks and folded on the shelves is actually high-quality menswear, but nobody who works there seems to have that stereotypical demeanor that comes along with it. The atmosphere is more like, “Yah, you can buy cool boards, drink delicious coffee and hang in our patio. Oh, and we have awesome threads, too.”

Clockwise from top left: Oxford, $98; tank, $35; bracelet, $55; boardshorts, $75; sunglasses, $135

Get the Saturday’s Surf look: Just as the life of a California beach bum is nothing but laid-back smooth sailing, so too is his get-up. The board shorts are hip enough to be worn all day, in and out of the water; the tanks are meant to feel as if there’s nothing on your torso without making you look like an old-fashion bum; and the button-downs don’t even act like button-downs, but rather something to throw over your bare shoulders for going into shops.

Final say: Shopping online can’t compare with the atmosphere that comes with a visit to Saturday’s Surf NYC. For such a small store, there’s much more to it than what you see on the surface. You’re not buying clothes, you’re purchasing a piece of a lifestyle.


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