Photo: Adrian Gaut, courtesy Jack Spade

Steven Sclaroff is known around Manhattan for his design humor and exquisite taste, qualities that made Kate and Andy Spade seek him out to redesign their own apartment. Cut to now, over four and a half years later, where Sclaroff has finished renovating Andy’s Jack Spade SoHo location. Talk about the impact one person’s work can have on another.

In true Sclaroff style, the new Jack Spade store, located on the intersection of Greene and Broom, has plenty of unexpected pieces mixed in with the modern furniture. A stuffed bird, for instance, sits on top a bureau full of match box cars, soap bars, plastic combs and similar oddities.

What remains is the signature Jack Spade bags, accessories and clothing. For those who have had the pleasure of experiencing the previous design layout, you’ll be happy to discover a brighter and livelier setting with more vibrant colors and displays.

See more images of Jack Spade’s new look here.


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