One of the first things we hear about Brad in the very first episode of The Rachel Zoe Project is that he “has impeccable style” (uttered from the very lips of a premiere celebrity stylist). And while all the drama was raging at the Zoe camp, Brad kept his composure (kind of) and his look polished. It was Erich Segal who defined a “preppy” as “someone who dressed perfectly without trying to,” and it’s by this definition, Brad is without a doubt a preppy.

Brad is ultimately a “preppy” as defined by Erich Segal who used this word to signify “someone who dressed perfectly without trying to.” Every guy who cares about his overall presentation also wants to be a preppy on some level. But the question then becomes, how?

What’s so great about Brad’s style is that it’s very much a part of who he is. He always looks presentable and cool without thinking about it too much and the small details that really make the look seem like an after thought. But it’s these details we take for granted that we can learn from — tailoring your blazers, showing some shirt cuff and, of course, wearing a bow tie every now and then. You’d be surprised at how many looks go great with a bow tie.


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