David Gandy
Photo: Dolce & Gabbana

Almost every time I see David Gandy, whether in a campaign, editorial or on the runway, he’s in his underwear and nothing else. As obvious as it may sound, his body is his best asset, but it’s this body that helped revamp the era of the skinny model. Since starting his career, Gandy has his own blog for Vogue UK, his own book and his own calendar on top of numerous editorials and ads. He’s what only some in his line of work can be referred to as a supermodel.

Age: 31 — Birthday: February 19, 1980

Birthplace: Billericay, Essex

Height: 6′ 2” — Shoe: 10 UK

College: According to an interview on CoverMenMag.com, David Gandy “went to University Of Gloucestershire for multimedia marketing with management graduating in 2001.”

How did David Gandy become a model?: A friend of Gandy’s submitted his photo to a male model competition. When he won, Select Model Management took him on and helped get him started doing catalogue work, which then grew to encompass campaigns and editorials.

Why is David Gandy so famous?: Gandy is famous for, according to New York Magazine, his “sexy boy” quality. He discussed with Alex Clark from London’s Sunday Times how he entered into fashion “when the androgynous, skinny Dior guys were in the industry” and model casting directors laughed at him. The campaign that really propelled his career forward and made him a success was Dolce & Gabbana’s “Light Blue,” where Gandy was positioned lounging on a small raft and caressing his extraordinary muscles.


What does David Gandy do to stay in shape?: “One day I’ll do my chest, the next my arms – that sort of thing,” he told John Preston in an interview for the Telegraph. “As for food, I have to watch that, too. When I’m doing a shoot for [the Dolce & Gabbana fragrance] Light Blue, I cut out all carbohydrates for a month beforehand, work out every day and drink protein shakes at God-knows-what hours of the day and night”

What are David Gandy’s hobbies and/or interests?: Gandy revealed to Swide his animal-loving nature. “Every year I try to do something with animals,” he said. “I trekked [with] gorillas, I’ve swam with giant turtles, I’ve been to a sanctuary in Borneo for the orangutan…They can’t answer back to you, the animals. They just love you for whatever you are and that’s why I love them.”

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