Tired of flip-flops? Me too. While they’re perfectly fine as a throw-on shoe for getting the mail or doing laundry, men need more supportive and better-looking sandals without having to settle for the dreaded Tevas. Gladiators are the fashionable solution, and no, they’re not just for toga parties and Halloween. They’re equally as intimidating as they are stylish and it’s because most men don’t know how to wear them.

Middle: Kris Van Assche, $490; Clockwise from Top L: KG by Kurt Geiger, $129.29; ASOS, $68.96; Acne, $245; Officine Creative, $336.16

Let The Gladiator Sandals Stand Out
A cool graphic tee or tank and shorts go really well with gladiator sandals. Because the designs are usually intricate and detailed, you don’t want to confuse the eye by having too many distractions. Flowing tops and fitted shorts hint at the Grecian inspiration and will complement the architectural lines of the shoe.

You Don’t Have To Change Your Look Too Much
Gladiator sandals don’t require you to change your entire personal style. If you’re more ivy-league, keep it to shorts and a button-down or polo. Rockers and hipsters can keep their tanks and skinny jeans.

Add The Details
While you shouldn’t wear these with a wrapped-around bed sheet, it’s encouraged that you add some meditation beads or metallic cuffs for an elevated casual look.

When in doubt, Mimic The Runway
The runway isn’t just for fashion editors and the fashion world elite. Curious gentlemen wondering how to wear gladiator sandals need only to look at how the designers are styling their looks.


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