Job Title: Editor-in-Chief of Details magazine (2000 – Present)

Grew up in: Baltimore, MD
College: NYU
Degree: Double major in journalism and history

What are Daniel Peres’s duties as editor-in-chief?: “It’s a series of meetings with my staff,” Peres described to Mediabistro. “[We] could be talking about upcoming covers, story ideas, fashion coverage — it’s like a revolving door of various departments.” 

How did Daniel Peres acquire this position?: Peres was hand selected by Fairchild Publications director and editorial chairman Patrick McCarthy, reported The New York Observer.

Was was Daniel Peres doing for work prior to this position?: Peres spent his entire career with Fairchild Publications. For the nine years prior to Details, he worked for W magazine in Paris where he started as assistant editor and grew to become the European editor.

What sorts of opportunities did Daniel Peres take advantage of in college?: Peres got a job with The New York Times‘s overnight shift as a copy boy in his sophomore year of college, which consisted of “carrying papers up from the printing room, carrying them to the various editors and having absolutely jet-black arms,” he told The New York Observer. He was also the editorial page editor for NYU’s Washington Square News.

What has Daniel Peres brought to Details as editor-in-chief?: After reading an entire column of comments left by Peres in response to readers of The Washington Post, it seems that Details has been shaped into embodying the essence of a metrosexual (but it’s not entirely what you’re thinking). “Think about the perfect guy. The one your mother has always wanted you to bring home (assuming you’re a woman). He’s sensitive. He’s smart. He can quote Thoreau. He can cook French food. He knows the difference between a daisy and a daffodil and the difference between a Monet and a Manet. This is a metrosexual,” he wrote, and this is how he revolutionized the magazine. Details is about freeing the contemporary man into embracing his own style without fear of what others might say.


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