$300, Orfrebres Goldsmith

I lost my favorite ring the other night. The ring that I got with my dad when I was barely in my teens and has sat on my right index finger for years was lost at a Mexican restaurant with no hope for ever finding it again. In my sadness and desire to have something to cover the pale portion on my pointer, I came across Orfebres Goldsmith on 7th Street in between 1st Ave and Avenue A. I ran there to first press my face against the glass with the Native American face and skull rings on display and I was drawn into its world of custom-made jewelry.

According to the shop keep, the process is fairly simple. First, the customer comes up with an idea — something he or she has seen in a magazine, in another jewlery store, from his or her imagination — and then the desired finger is measured and a wax mold is crafted. After the final okay, the design in made into a unique metal ring that only that person has. These pieces are some of the most remarkable men’s jewelry I’ve ever seen before, and, unfortunately, some of the most expensive. My favorite ring (shown above) is $300, which seems quite pricey for a ring.

My ring was $20, nobody I ever came across ever owned anything remotely similar and it was my only piece of jewelry that didn’t turn my skin green. Although I want another ring, and although I may have to literally pay the price to replace my old one, I will never be able to get back something as sentimental. But at least I’ll get another piece that won’t change my skin.


One thought on “Men’s Rings and Orfebres Goldsmith

  1. I had my engagement ring made here and it was incredible! The handmade aspect (carving the wax mold, etc) is a very delicate and time consuming process that involves great skill. Therefore some items might seem a bit over priced, however the customer is receiving a quality piece in the end.
    Top notch for artisan jewelry. I highly recommend this business.

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