Although I was initially overcome with excitement at seeing the “X-Men: First Class” movie because of my geekiness, during the entire film I couldn’t help but notice how stylish most of the cast was. Sammy Sheldon, costume designer for the film, told, “With the men, we referenced the neat, uncomplicated stylishness of Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair.” It seems that every fashion publication and their mom interviewed Sheldon about the costume inspiration for the film and each interview reveals nearly the same facts. Here are the most useful facts from all her interviews:

James McAvoy playing Charles Xavier

In an interview with GQ, Sheldon said, “I wanted him to not look like he cared too much about fashion and, yet, keep it within the realms of the fashionable part of ’60s that we were trying to portray.” Isn’t that what every man wants to portray? They want to be modern, but at the same time cool and relaxed as if they don’t care when this nonchalant attitude is in fashion.

Nicholas Hoult playing Hank McCoy

“When you read about Hank McCoy,” says Sheldon, “not only did he have the feet, but he was hairy underneath his clothing. So, when you see him in the film, his collar is always done up tight or he wears a T-shirt to cover everything that you can see from his neck down. And he always has a long sleeve shirt or a cardigan.” I was most impressed by Hoult’s wardrobe. As we all know, the geek-chic look, otherwise known as preppy, has always been in and Hoult played a character who was sartorially so put together, perhaps in order to hide his mutations.

Michael Fassbender playing Erik Lehnsherr

“I’d say anything that Erik (Michael Fassbender, above) wore could look fantastic on a guy today,” Sheldon told  Fassbender’s style was very masculine with an Italian air in the film. The turtlenecks paired with the leather jackets only hinted at the vintage-European quality rather than being a complete representation of it. Any modern man could pull his looks off easily. “This character is a joy to dress because he’s James Bond, in one sense. He has the perfect outfit for every situation,” she told GQ.


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