You’ve probably seen Noah Mills on a billboard somewhere decked out in Dolce & Gabbana or in the pages of some magazine in nothing but a speedo or in the “Sex and the City 2” movie banging Samantha at the wedding. It’s clear that this fine man has made an impact on the world with his stunning, scruffy face and his rockin’ abs, which is what prompted the creation of this fact-sheet (if you will) about this model-turned-actor.

Noah Mills’s Age? Although many publications and websites, including, claim that Noah Mills to be born in 1985, he was actually born in 1983. Although, the exact date has yet to be set in stone.

Noah Mills’s: Height: 6′ 2” — Waist: 31” — Shoe: 10 1/2-11 — Hair: Brown — Eyes: Brown

Where is Noah Mills from? He grew up equally in Baltimore, Maryland, where he was raised, and Toronto, Canada, where he was born. “I’m the youngest of 5; 2 older brothers, 2 older sisters,” he told in 2003 when he was crowned ‘Model of the Week.’

Where is Noah Mills currently living? “New York is the first city I could call home,” said Mills when asked what his favorite city was by

Why is Noah Mills so famous? We all know him now as Samantha’s bubble-butt lay in “Sex and the City 2,” which, by the way, was his first ever acting audition, as reported by the LA Times. But he was well-known even before that through his countless editorial campaigns. Most notably, he’s been the face of Calvin Klein in 2006, Giorgio Armani’s fall campaign in the same year, Dolce & Gabbana in 2008 and appeared on the cover of “Details” magazine with Sean O’Pry and Arthur Kulkov as the first male models to land a “Details” cover.

How did Noah Mills get his start?  According to, Mills was “thrust into the spotlight and asked to represent fashion houses across the world after he was scouted on the street by an agent in Vancouver.” He then made his runway debut in January of 2004 by walking in the Milan and Paris shows of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, says Before getting his start in the world of male modeling, Mills revealed in an interview on the “Bonnie Hunt Show” that he performed multiple jobs all over the world. While attending boarding school in Australia, he worked as a jackaroo on a ranch where he had to “herd sheep and castrate sheep.”

What are some of Noah Mills’s hobbies and interests? “I love to play basketball,” Mills told NY Daily News, “there’s never a dull moment on a New York City basketball court in summertime.” As a junior in high school, his basketball team won a local game and in a moment of celebration he had his basketball number drawn on his arm in marker. “As the night progressed,” he said in his interview, “I asked my friend to burn it into my shoulder with a butter knife and a lighter.”

Be sure to follow Noah Mills through his Twitter account.

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