Blazer, $35 — Shirt, $24.50 — Shorts, $30 — Boat Shoes, $32.50
Total (w/o tax) = $122

Is it just me, or is Old Navy getting kind of expensive? I remember back in the day (Note: “back in the day” doesn’t mean as long ago for me as it normally does for most people) when you could get an entire look for no more than $60 and even that was pushing it. Now, it’s like all the brands in the GAP company have moved up a step in pricing and style: Old Navy is the new GAP, GAP is the new Banana, and Banana is…not that great anymore, but still expensive.

This look is not so much to show you what you can get on a budget, but to prove that you can put together a stylish ensemble no matter where you shop. It’s for the Old Navy man who wants to step it up a notch for a slightly more formal outdoor party or cookout. What I like about these paired shirt and blazer is the lesson that comes with it: be wary of fabrics.

Linen on Linen Crime: Both your shirt and jacket can be cotton, but they can’t both be linen. Technically these are both cotton-linen blends, but it’s still recommend that you avoid them. It’s the same reason why you’re supposed to avoid pairing silk with silk. These same distinctive materials look odd when paired so closely together like this.


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