We’ve seen his posters everywhere — in the subway, on the side of buses, on billboards, on TV — and we’ve come to recognize Matt Bomer as the man in the suit with the dashingly handsome smile. So, how is it possible for one man to look so good in a suit? Tailoring. “Every man should have a great tailor, and visit him or her often,” he tells British GQ. Every thing he wears is tailored to the needs of his body. The jackets are slim, the shoulders line up and the sleeves aren’t too long. That and his pants are fitted to his body proportions rather than hanging loosely.

Another style tip Bomer gives us is to not forget the small details — tie clip, pocket square, glasses, etc. That and always have your hair looking amazing.


2 thoughts on “Matt Bomer — ‘White Collar’ Style

  1. His suit looks great when he’s standing but it’s way too small for real life wear. He looks a bit anorexic. The negative of buff.

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