Shirt, $24.90 — Pants, $29.90 — Socks, $3.23 — Tie, $12.90
Total (w/o tax) = $70.93

Even guys who aren’t on a budget like to shop at Uniqlo. It’s a great place to stock up on both weekend and workplace basics, as well as finding great staple pieces, whether it’s a cool plaid shirt or linen blazer. Anyone can get that unique Uniqlo look.

This ensemble I styled is for the guy who’s looking for something office-appropriate that can easily translate to the weekend. Clearly it’s all about color here, and you’re going to want to cuff up your pant legs to expose that blue. It’s a good set up for a nice pair of oxfords for the office or sneakers for the weekend (Style Tip: the suede Adidas would look cool with this). Then if your job requires you to wear a third piece, no problem. It’ll look great with a solid navy or grey blazer or cardigan.


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